Voice Overs and Narration

"I had the pleasure of interning with Dave as part of my Music Business degree program at Florida State University. Dave is very knowledgable of both new and vintage studio equipment, software programs and works in one of the best recording spaces in Tallahassee. During the course of the internship I was involved in all aspects of studio work. I was a part of the set-up and break down of equipment for sessions and assisted with engineering, mixing, and editing for full band recordings. I also gained experience recording and editing voice-over scripts for radio, MIDI compositions for music and for film. My time with Dave was truly a valuable experience because he allowed for a hands-on learning environment throughout the internship. Rather than just watching and listening, I was regularly involved with recording and editing, as well as providing my opinions and input during the sessions. Dave is a great mentor for anyone looking to gain knowledge and experience in the studio and music business. I am grateful for such a rewarding opportunity."


Haley Conrad

Nashville Tennessee


Introduction to Studio Recording

Individual and Small Group Instruction


Studio classes

for all experience levels:

Hardware and Software - Hands On

Microphones - Types and how they work

Editing - Making it sound even better

Mixing - Paying attention to details

Mastering - Techniques for trained listening

Producing - The song, the artist & the goal 

Digital Recording - Software Tools

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