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Dave Murphy's decades of experience in music production and rare entrepreneurial spirit make him a great asset to our industry at large, and his dedication to the community of Tallahassee makes him indispensable in passing on the skills of our business to our young people.

-Tom Lewis

Associate Director of Music Business,

The University Of Georgia


"Dave Murphy is a craftsman.  Sure he’s a great musician. There are many great musicians. He’s also gifted engineer, but there are many of those, too. What sets Dave apart is his ability to listen and then articulate what he’s hearing. He will hear things you may miss as an artist and ply your best work out of you. That’s what a great craftsman does.

He sees and hears the art in the rawest material- the sculpture in the stone; the boat in the planks; the music in the wires, silicone and metal..."


Tom Barnes

MediaThink, Atlanta GA